Four-Year Medal

It takes a fair amount of talent to get into one of the Representative Groups of the Music Festival. To recognise this, at the end of the festival each year, each member of a Rep Group is awarded a certificate to mark his or her contribution.

There are a few really talented and dedicated children who manage to be part of a Rep Group for four years, normally Year 5 to Year 8!

To recognise the outstanding achievement and commitment of these children, the CSMFA has struck a special Four-Year Medal. It is awarded each year to each participant who completes a total of four years in any of the Representative Groups.

The Four-Year Medal is finished in antique brass, features the CSMFA logo and has an engraving area on the reverse for your name and the year. It comes with a quality red ribbon.

Since the Four-Year Medal was first awarded in 2007, there have been 289 medals awarded.

List of all Four-Year Medal recipients

Will you be the next to have your name in the list??  If this is your fourth year in a Rep Group – Junior or Senior Representative Choir, Orchestra or Concert Band – you may qualify for a Four-Year Medal.

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