Rehearsals for Representative Groups

There are four major sets of rehearsals that you need to be aware of if you are a member of a Representative Group.

Weekly Rehearsals

Each of the Representative Groups will hold a short series of rehearsals largely prior to the Holiday Course. These will almost certainly be held on weekend days and attendance is compulsory – although you may be able to miss one rehearsal by special prior arrangement with the Manager of the Representative Group. The dates for the rehearsals of each of the Representative Groups can be found by clicking here.

Holiday Course

This a compulsory 3-day course which is held on the first three days of the first week of the Spring Holidays (end of Term 3).

Dates: 1 October – 3 October, starting at 9.00am, with participants reporting before 8.45am.

The finishing time depends on which Representative Group you are in. More info…

We require the assistance of teachers or of parents of children attending the Holiday Course to help supervise the children during their two 30-minute breaks on each day of the course. More info…

Dress Rehearsal

A compulsory rehearsal for all groups at the CBS Arena on Tuesday, 23 October. Times will vary for each group; details available here.

Performance Night morning rehearsals

Those Representative Groups that accompany the massed choirs are required to attend the rehearsal at the Horncastle Arena on each morning of the Festival. Click on the link to the appropriate Representative Group above.