Commitments and Obligations

You can apply for an audition for any of the Representative Groups even if your school does not have a choir in the festival this year.

It is vital that each pupil applying for a position in one of the Representative Groups, and the parents of such a pupil, is aware of the commitments and obligations that he/she will be taking up by applying.

A pupil taking up a place in one of the Rep Groups must:

  1. Be in Year 5 or above. No Year 4 pupil is permitted to be a member of a Representative Group.
  2. Practise the music and/or learn the words to all the pieces in which you play or sing.
  3. Attend the compulsory Holiday Course in the first week of the Spring Holidays. No exceptions can be made for attendance on all days of the course.
  4. Attend all other rehearsals. Each Representative Group has a number of rehearsals leading up to the Holiday Course and attendance at these is compulsory. These rehearsals are generally held in the weekends.
  5. Attend the Dress Rehearsal at the Horncastle Arena on Tuesday, 23 October
  6. If your group accompanies the massed choirs in any pieces, you must attend each of the rehearsals held in the morning before each of the evening performances.
  7. Attend all of the performances of the Festival.
  8. Pay the $40 registration fee to confirm your place in a Representative Group. Your place may be offered to another pupil if this fee is not paid. This fee helps to defray the cost of the three days of instruction that you will receive on the Holiday Course. Contact the Festival Business Manager if payment of this fee presents a barrier to taking up your place. Assistance may be available
  9. Exhibit a high standard of responsible self-control at all times.
  10. The parent or caregiver of a pupil taking up a place in one of the Rep Groups must be able to assist the pupil to fulfil these obligations and commitments.