Every pupil wishing to be a member of one of the Representative Groups, MUST attend an audition. There are no exceptions to this requirement, even for pupils who have been previous members of a Rep Group.

You can apply for an audition for any of the Representative Groups even if your school does not have a choir in the festival this year.

Date and Venue for your audition

This will vary depending on the Representative Group(s) for which you have applied to be considered. Junior and Senior Choirs are auditioned at the same venue. Instrumentalists are auditioned by instrument irrespective of which group they wish to join.  Please select the correct links below…there are maps and pictures to show you where to go!

Senior or Junior Choir   Orchestra or Concert Band

What is involved

The audition process will differ a little depending on which group(s) you are auditioning for. There are comprehensive information sheets available below which should answer every question that you might have about your audition.

Included as part of this information is any music that you might need and the criteria on which your audition will be judged. You must view and download the appropriate information below.

Information sheets

These information sheets tell you:

  • some suggestions to help you perform to your best
  • what the Festival is looking for in the audition
  • the audition process
  • the music you need to play or sing
  • the marking rubric that will be used in the audition
  • any other criteria that will apply

Click on the Information Sheet that you require

Junior or Senior Choir  Orchestra or Concert Band [but click here for Percussion]

When will you know?

The result of your audition will be emailed to you and to the teacher in charge of music at your school on 17 June, 2018. Ask the teacher-in-charge of music at your school for your result.