Music & Song Books

It is important, as a matter of principle, that the Festival and those schools participating in the Festival, observe the law regarding the copyright nature of the material being used in the Festival.

Copyright has been sought and granted for the pupils’ official song book and the accompanist’s music. Schools taking part in the Festival agree to observe that copyright by purchasing extra copies of the songbook or the accompanist’s book from the Festival as needed, and will not reproduce further copies by any means. Please make sure that your have read the Copyright FAQ page

Each school must purchase sufficient copies for each singer to have his/her own song book. Song books are NOT included as part of the registration fee.

An A4 format enlarged version of the song book is included as part of the registration but further copies can be purchased.

All ordered song books and music are distributed to schools at the Teacher Demonstration Meeting.

Songbooks: $1.00 each

Large format (A4) songbooks: $4.00 each

Accompanist’s music: $30.00 per set

Extra copies of the song book and the accompanist’s music can be obtained from the Festival’s Business Manager, Miranda Donnell