The cost of of a school entering a choir into the Music Festival are associated with registration, music and song books, and transport to/from the rehearsals and performance.


Annual Subscription

This fee includes: one large format song book, a CD of the music and Teaching Notes
$75.00 [To be confirmed at AGM]
Song books (each singer must have one) $1.00 each
Additional large format song books $4.00 each
Additional CDs $10.00 each
Accompanist’s Music $30.00 each

Each school is responsible for the cost of its choir’s transport to and from rehearsals and performances.

All costs include GST.

All fees relating to the registration of a school choir are payable by the closing date for registrations to CSMFA.

CSMFA Inc GST No: 13-756-661


Representative Group membership
$40.00  Each pupil offered a place in a Representative Group (Junior or Senior choir, Orchestra Concert Band) must pay this registration fee before the place can be confirmed. In cases of hardship, please contact your child’s school Music Teacher.