School choir registration

Application for a school choir to participate in the Music Festival is made by a school each year. By applying and paying the subscription fee, a school becomes a member of the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival Association Inc. and this entitles the school choir to participate in the Festival.

Applications for school choirs closed on 9 March, 2018.

The person applying for registration on behalf of a school, or a group of schools, needs to be able to make the following commitments on behalf of the school(s):

  • That the school accepts and agrees with the objectives of the Festival.
  • That all members of the participating choir will be in Year 5 – 8 and that younger children will not be permitted to perform.
  • That the school agrees to teach the songs for the Festival to the school choir.
  • That copyright has been granted for the pupils’ official songbook and the accompanist’s music and that the school will not reproduce further copies.
  • That the school has a School Music Licence from APRA What is this licence and how do we get one?
  • That a representative of the school(s) will attend the Teachers’ Demonstration Meeting and will attend for the whole of the meeting
  • That the school(s) will support the Festival Executive by providing qualified staff to exercise high-quality supervision of pupils at rehearsals and the performances, and will ensure that the standard of behaviour required by the Festival Executive is maintained by all of the school’s pupils who are involved.

Before you register your school, make sure that you have checked out all this information…

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Note: After you have registered your school choir, you will receive an email confirming your application and containing the invoice for your school. If you do NOT receive an email, you have not properly completed the registration process – please retry, and contact the Webmaster for assistance if you do not succeed.

Has your school already registered? Check here first!

Applications for 2018 are now closed

Representative Group applications

Application for an individual pupil to participate in one of the Representative Groups is made by the individual each year. Applications by individuals for an audition to become a member of a Representative Group are now open and close on the last day of Term 1 2018.

Before applying, pupils and their parents must be aware of all the commitment and obligations of a member of one of the Representative Groups.

Please help us ensure that your best musicians have the opportunity to participate in this massive event – the highest level of achievement in Canterbury Primary School music!

Representative Group audition, click here!