Rules of the Association

As an incorporated society, the rules of the Association, and any amendments, are filed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is possible to search the register online through a website maintained by Charities Services. The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival registration (CC32962) can be located here.

Current Constitution At a Special General meeting held on 14 March, 2018, the financial year was altered to run from 1 December to 31 November. This change was to rationalise the end of the financial year to fit with the dates of the festival moving further into November.

2015 ammendment At a Special general Meeting held on 22 April, 2015, the financial year as stated in the Constitution, was altered to 1 November – 31 October. This was a technical correction; the financial year was incorrectly stated.

2014 Amendments: At the 2014 AGM an amendment to the 2008 Constitution was passed which provided greater guidance to the Executive concerning the creation of Life Members.

2010 Amendments: At the 2010 AGM, an amendment to the 2008 Constitution was passed which widened the membership rules to allow groups of pupils which are not associated with a particular school to be admitted to membership of the Association provided that they meet the same requirements as schools. At a Special General Meeting held in September, the constitution was further amended to make the position of Music Director an appointment of the Executive rather than an elected position.

2008 Constitution: This was a complete rewrite of the constitution. It permitted the Association to be given Donee Status by the IRD, provided a modern legal platform for the work of the Association and provided a stable legal future for the Association. The 2008 Annual General Meeting adopted this new constitution. It was approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies and the Charities Commission with which the Music Festival Association is now registered.