About the Festival

For over four decades, the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival has been an icon in the cultural life of Christchurch young people.

The largest annual event in the South Island dedicated to developing young musical talent, the Festival inspires the children of Canterbury to participate at the highest level in musical performance, both vocal and instrumental, fostering a lifelong passion for music.

The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival contributes to the richness and cohesion of our community, bringing it together to create and enjoy an enterprise that instills in our children both confidence and pride.

Over three performances to an audience of 10,000+ in Horncastle Arena, the massed choirs of 100+ schools, a Concert Band, two auditioned choirs and a Symphony Orchestra create a memorable musical experience and an incredible learning opportunity for Christchurch’s young musicians.


From the menu at right you will find information that is general to the organisation of the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival.

The festival is organised by the Christchurch School Music Festival Association Inc (CSMFA), a charity which is registered with the Charities Commission.

The detail of the annual festival organisation is carried out by the Festival Executive chaired by the President of the CSMFA.

Constitution of the Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival Association Inc. was held on Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 at 4.00pm at Avonhead School, Avonhead Road, Avonhead.