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Latest News

Orchestra leaders and positions

The conductor of the Orchestra, Patrick Shepherd, is delighted to announce that the Co-Leaders of the Orchestra for...

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Photo of your choir

For the 2018 Music Festival, we are again using the large video screen to introduce the performing schools to the a...

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Festival on Youtube

We have managed to find some video of the songs from the last two Music Festivals which we can show on public relea...

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Poster Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Monte Gooch from Heaton Normal Intermediate School! Monte has not only won $100 for himself,...

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2018 Rehearsal Music – Massed Choirs

Members of a school choir or a choir conductor can either play the tracks directly below, or download the tracks as...

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Concert Band conductor 2018

The Festival Executive is delighted to announce that from 2018, the Concert Band will be conducted by Chris Petch,...

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We need …

The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival is calling for expressions of interest for appointment to an Advisory Pa...

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Suggestions for the Massed Choirs

One of the hardest tasks for the Music Team each year is endeavouring to select an overall theme and suitable songs...

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Sister Schools’ Festival – Adelaide

The Christchurch Schools' Music Festival is establishing a functional relationship with its equivalent festival in...

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For organisation & feedback – try Facebook!

We use our CSMFA Facebook page as a means of reminding participants of organisational deadlines and important event...

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