Donate to keep the music coming!

ExpenditureThe Music festival is a big affair…and an important one in the musical life of this city!

In 2017, it cost $172,000 to stage the Festival!

Take a look at Figure 1 where we show the basic categories of cost. Click on the image to get an enlarged view.

To pay for the cost of staging the Music Festival we

  • charge schools a subscription to take part
  • charge Representative Group members a fee
  • sell printed matter like songbooks and programmes
  • sell tickets


In 2017, we raised $105,300 from these activities.

Take a look at Figure 2 where we show the income. Click on the image to get an enlarged view.

In 2017

  • schools paid $75.00 subscription to take part
  • songbooks each cost $1.00
  • tickets were Adult $22.00, child $9.00

To balance the books, in 2017 we had to find $67,700.00 in extra funding from sponsorship, community funders and donations!

Thanks to hundreds of hours of funding application writing and seeking sponsors by our team, we made it….just!

But we have to do it all over again this year with absolutely no guarantee that the sponsors and community funders will be as forthcoming, and with costs rising all the time! And we would like to have the funds to do more for schools which find it difficult to fund the skills of a choir teacher.

And that is where you can help…by making a donation to the Music Festival!
Please help us to keep the music coming! Every dollar that you donate makes that possible!

You could make a donation towards the general cost of producing the Music Festival, or you could make a donation to a fund that we are developing to assist low-resource schools participate in the Music Festival: assistance with finding and paying for a choir teacher or transport to/from rehearsals and the festival, and reduction in the level of fees are all ways in which we might assist such schools. Please help!

Donation to support the annual staging of the Music Festival

Donation to support low-resource schools to attend the Music Festival

The Christchurch School Music Festival is a registered charity CC32962. For donations of $5 or more a Tax Receipt will be issued so that you can claim your donation as a Tax Credit.


Corporate Sponsor and Major Donations

To find out more how to:

  • become a corporate sponsor, or
  • to discuss a significant donation

…please contact our Business Manager, Miranda Donnell


Make a bequest

You may wish to consider making a bequest to the Music Festival.

To make a bequest you need a will. If you already have one and wish to include a gift to the Music Festival, all you need to do is update your existing will to include a bequest. Alternatively, a codicil can be added to your existing will.

We recommend that you discuss the type of gift you would like to leave and your proposed codicil with your solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company.

Suggested wording:
I give and bequeath … (choose one of the four options)

  • ………..……% of my estate
  • The residue of my estate
  • The sum of $………………
  • Description of assets or property

… to The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival Association Inc, P.O. Box 21353, Christchurch 8143, Registration CC32962 for the general purposes of the Music Festival. I declare that the official receipt of the Business Manager or other duly authorised officer shall be full and sufficient discharge to my Trustees.