Suggestions for the Massed Choirs

One of the hardest tasks for the Music Team each year is endeavouring to select an overall theme and suitable songs for the Massed Choirs to sing.

Songs selected have to meet at least most of the following criteria:

  • Suitable theme and content for Years 5 – 8
  • Suitable vocal range
  • Fit the objective of the Festival to provide a wide range of genre
  • Copyright and performance rights are available at a reasonable cost

It is the task of the Festival Music team to sort out a well-balanced programme with songs that fit the above criteria, but we would welcome suggestions as to songs that they should consider when doing so.

We also welcome suggestions for an over-arching theme for the festival. The theme provides a link and organising instrument that can help give the festival a focus.

Be aware that the programme for each festival is finalised in November of the preceding year, so any suggestion provided is, if accepted, almost certainly not going to make an appearance in the Festival until the one after the next to be performed!

We welcome any suggestions of themes and/or songs for the Massed Choirs to perform! Just complete the following online form.



Feel free to suggest the names of up to three songs that the Massed Choirs might enjoy singing. For each song enter the title and, if you know it, the composer and/or performing artiste/band.

  • Feel free also to suggest any themes that you feel would be useful for organising and selecting a programme of items for the festival. Previous themes have included; Ring of Fire, War & Peace, Stage & Screen, From Near & Afar, Celebration.