Programme details for your School

It seems ridiculously early, but we need to know the details of your school choir for the programme for the festival, and also an update on the number of singers in your choir.  It takes about 5 weeks to get the programme typeset and printed, but before we can do that we need to have ALL the information from every school so that we can prepare the copy.

It is always nice to be able to ensure that the people who put in the hard work and extra hours preparing your choir are acknowledged appropriately, so we need these names. You may like to list the choir teacher, accompanist and/or choir manager(s).

Placing the names of your people into the programme requires just the completion of a simple online form…the one right below.

Why not do it now?  We need to have these details by MONDAY, 4th September…life will soon bring that date around so do it now!!


  • Programme detail for your school

  • Most likely number performing.
  • The following information is for inclusion in the official printed programme for this year's Music Festival. This is your last opportunity to provide us with the correct information so that we can acknowledge the people who have been directly involved with preparing your school's choir - the conductor(s), accompanist(s), manager(s).

    Please enter the name(s) in the boxes as appropriate. Please provide firstname and surname eg Gwendoline Cooper. Please DO NOT include "Mrs" or "Mr" and please DO NOT use just an initial. eg DO NOT write Mrs G. Cooper

    If there is more than one person for a category, just place a comma between the names. If there is no appropriate name to enter, leave the box blank.

  • If you need to tell us something about this information, write it here, briefly!
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